Home Building FAQs

General Building

A: We build primarily on the West side of Austin and central Austin, Horseshoe Bay, and the surrounding area. This includes downtown Austin, Lakeway, Westlake, Dripping Springs, Horseshoe Bay, and the North side of the lake including the Lago Vista area. Contact us to determine whether your property is located in our service area.

A: When it comes to material suppliers, we are very flexible. We will do our best to work with any vendor you choose. However, when it comes to our trade contractors, we are very firm in our belief that ours are the best in the business, and we won’t sacrifice the quality of their work to use someone cheaper. Our trade partners have been with us for many, many years and are more like artisans than traditional laborers on a jobsite. They take great pride in their workmanship. In addition, because we use primarily the same trade contractors on all our jobs, we get a consistent quality and timeliness that is very important to us.  

Home Building Costs

A: The price of a home can vary dramatically depending on style, topography, and location. The goal of our program is to identify what’s important to you, and provide you with a detailed budget, up front, so that you will have the information needed to make your decision about not only size but all the other important decisions that go along with it.

A: We’re very competitive in our pricing, especially when compared to other quality Builders. Most of our clients are amazed at the level of finish-out we deliver for the money. And, our process and quality controls are unmatched. However, if you’re looking for the low bidder regardless of quality, we prefer not to be on your bid list. Some of the work we see today makes us cringe, and we won’t compromise on quality.

Outdoor Design

A. Close to the house and on the same level as the house, if it makes sense on the site, because you are much more likely to use and enjoy it if it is convenient. It will be more likely to draw you out to it…and that is, after all, why you have it.

A: Who do we recommend for swimming pools? Us, of course! We have been building beautiful pools, waterscapes, and outdoor living spaces for over 20 years.

swimming pools spa
swimming pools

Outdoor living has become a way of life here in sunny Austin, Texas. Outdoor living is more than just a swimming pool…it is creating a space where every generation can sit and enjoy the outdoor living space whether swimming or not.

Outdoor living space is equally as important as indoor, and some of us do all of our entertaining outdoors! We approach designing an outdoor living space just like an indoor living space. Your lifestyle, along with views, topography of the site and style of the home all influence the design of the outdoor living space.

See some of our favorite outdoor living spaces.


A: Included below is a list of our other related home builder services and their associated websites.

Jenkins Waterscapes Pools & Outdoor Living

Jenkins Waterscapes – Residential Pool Design & Construction – currently available for Jenkins Custom Homes clients only. About 7 years ago, Jenkins Custom Homes began building their own pools out of necessity. After having bad experiences with many top name pool builders in the Austin area, Jenkins began designing and building their pools via their pool company, Jenkins Waterscapes. While Jenkins Waterscapes has become one of the most sought-after pool designers and builders in town, Jenkins only builds for clients of Jenkins Custom Homes.

Jenkins Remodeling

Jenkins Remodeling – Residential Remodeling Design & Construction – for qualifying remodels or referral clients only.


SL Jenkins Construction – Commercial Contractor, SL Jenkins LLC, specializing in small office/retail and high-end finishes, with experience serving both government and private clients.  Offering both design and construction services for commercial application, our turnkey approach offers the fast-track to an on-time completion for any project.