Energy-Efficient Home Building for a Greener Future

Energy-Efficient Home Building for a Greener Future

building a greener home

Luxury living doesn’t have to forgo sustainability for style. New homes are built every day with eco-friendly materials and systems. As technology advances, the home construction industry can build energy-efficient houses that last a long time. For example, new insulation techniques keep homes comfortable despite the weather outside. This wave of energy-efficient home building promotes a greener future, and you can be part of the change.

ICF Homes: Insulate With Concrete

A buzzword you hear in the home construction industry is “ICF.” ICF stands for insulated concrete form. This type of formwork uses steel-reinforced concrete to insulate the home.

ICF Homes

Home builders are opting for the thermal insulation ICF provides. Instead of settling for the traditional wood-frame structure, consider ICF for your energy-saving home.

One great benefit of ICF homes is their superior energy efficiency when compared to the traditional construction methods. The concrete filled foam blocks create a thermal barrier and reduce the need for over heating or cooling your home leading to less money towards energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

ICF homes are also known for their durability to extreme weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes. The solid concrete and reinforced structure make it a very safe choice for areas that are more likely to have severe weather.The density of the walls also helps with noise reduction which is nice in urban areas where more noise is likely to happen.

Ultimately, ICF homes are a great choice for the environment with the recycled materials used in construction, their energy efficiency and the durability of them.

Solar Powered Living

Tesla solar roof

You need to harness that Texas sun power to generate electricity for your home, and now, there is an aesthetically pleasing way to generate electricity. The Tesla Solar Roof is sleek and looks just like an actual roof. Tiny solar panels are fit to look like roof tiles, making the solar roof indistinguishable from a neighboring “normal” roof.

The Tesla Solar Roof offers homeowners a seamless integration of solar energy generation into their roofing system, providing an aesthetically pleasing and sleek alternative to traditional solar panels. With its durable design and energy-efficient capabilities, the Tesla Solar Roof not only enhances the sustainability of a residence but also contributes to long-term cost savings through reduced electricity bills.

The solar-powered lifestyle isn’t that much different than relying on power lines. No matter the temperature outside, as long as the solar panels have sunlight they can generate power. The solar panels will even work on cloudy days, but you still need to ensure your solar power system has battery storage or a backup generator.

Don’t forget that you may also qualify for a solar tax exemption if a solar system is the main source of energy for your home.

High-Performance Windows

open window plan

Invest in high-quality windows to protect your home. There are energy-efficient windows you
can install that reduce heat transfer better than traditional windows.

Large windows are also great for homeowners who like open-air ventilation and natural light. On
breezy days you can turn off the air conditioning and just let your home cool with the windows

Sustainable Building Materials

Search for locally sourced building materials when creating your home. When you buy locally,
you bypass all the pollution that would have gone into obtaining your materials from another
state or country.

Sustainable building materials like reclaimed wood or recycled steel minimize the impact
construction has on the environment. Bamboo is also rising in popularity for its durable qualities.

Native Landscaping

Don’t forget to plan your outdoor space and landscape when designing your eco-friendly home.
Native landscaping is an easy way to reduce water and chemical use. Central Texas native
like Texas sage, red yucca, and holly adapted to the environment over centuries and
require little maintenance.

If you still prefer the look of a lush lawn, an eco-friendly irrigation system with a built-in timer and
rain sensor will prevent water loss. There are even solar-powered irrigation systems so you can
save energy too.

Hollywood star Adrian Grenier uses a rainwater catchment system

Recycling Rainwater

Have you ever considered recycling rainwater? Rain barrels and water recycling systems can
help you find new uses for runoff. Even Hollywood star Adrian Grenier uses a rainwater catchment system at his eco-friendly home outside of Austin.

Harvesting rainwater is as simple as storing rain in a barrel, but since it doesn’t rain much in Central Texas, you’ll need to collect as much rain as you can during the rainy spring seasons.

Smart House

Automate your home so you can live efficiently. Smart home systems can help you regulate security alarms, lights, heating and cooling, and more. If you lose the television remote, no worries! Just ask your smart home device to play the next episode of the show you’re watching.

environmentally friendly wood beams

Certified Green

Did you know that your residential home can get a green building certification? LEED is a worldwide green building rating system that ranks structures based on sustainability. It’s not just the environment you’ll save with your green home. LEED-certified homes can even qualify for tax breaks and discounts.

You can also get an ENERGY STAR certification for your green building. This certification isn’t just for eco-friendly appliances, and they will no doubt add value to your future-forward home. Eco-friendly homes are the future of homebuilding. As more and more people become environmentally-conscious, they are choosing comfortable, yet sustainable homes.

Maintaining a clean home and keeping up with seasonal chores will also help you to live more efficiently — clean leaves out of the gutter and trim tree branches that are getting out of control. Even something like professional HVAC maintenance can save you money in the long run, and will hopefully ensure your system is working through extreme heat or damaging ice.

We are ready to make your sustainable dream home a reality. Contact us today to start planning your forever home.

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