Dressing the Ceiling

Ceiling treatments are a very important contributor to the style and look of a home. Three really nice ceiling treatments we have done recently are as follows: 19 JENKINS PARADE DININGRM.jpg

In a dining room, we combined a barrel arch and coffers into one ceiling treatment for this Parade Home. What we were attempting to accomplish was a clean, contemporary look with the appealing curve of the, typically old-world, barrel vault.  To complete the look, we used a neutral tone-on-tone color palette from the newest Sherwin Williams paint deck.  This gave the the beams that make up the coffers just a bit more architectural depth.




prd08-luxury-home-04 jenkins parade livingrm1Another ceiling treatment that we really love is the oversize stained wood beams used along with coffers, to form a very impressive, dimensional look.  We like to use these heavy ceiling treatments in spaces with additional height like this two-story Great Room in our recent Parade home shown at right. The reason it worked so well here was because we designed the room with the wall of windows and then chose a light neutral paint color so that the heavy beams would lend it some weight and contrast.


ceiling-in-breakfast-roomFinally, we love unique ceiling treatments. The ceiling treatment we did in the adjacent breakfast room of the same Parade Home was just such a ceiling.  It was commissioned by a local artist and really is a piece of artwork for the ceiling, combining the architecture of the ceiling with the artwork (which is 3-dimensional as well). It sits over the breakfast room table and gives it a whimsical feel and yet it gives it a feeling of association to the adjoining spaces because it uses the same col or schemes and tones as the other two rooms.  In fact, the three rooms really relate well to each other while also setting the tone for each room. In the dining room, you have a very elegant ceiling treatment.  In the living room, you have a very “gravitas” ceiling treatment (after all, this is the room your guests see first when they walk in the front door).  Then, in the breakfast room, you have a very inviting and fun ceiling treatment.  Which one is your favorite?

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