Dream Home Ideas

Dream Home Ideas

Each of us probably have an idea of what our individual dream homes would look like. You can have whatever you want. After all, it is your dream home. But, if you need some inspiration, here some things you might want to include.

1. A hammock for a bed. Literally!

hammock bed

2. The staircase that’s also storage.

staircase storage

3. The backyard beach firepit.

backyard beach firepit

4. An outdoor movie theater.

outdoor movie theater

5. A stained glass door.

stained glass door

6. An indoor kiddie slide for the child in all of us.

indoor kiddie slide

7. Portable ping pong for your kitchen.

portable ping pong

8. A pirate ship bedroom just because.

pirate ship bedroom

9. The lamp that turns any room into a mysterious forest.

lamp forest

Source: ViralNova

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