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Grandchildren's Sleeping QuartersToday, we are talking about design elements that inspire. Inspiration can come from many sources and this one comes from function, specifically how a home can really make family time more precious and valuable. When we interviewed these clients, they talked about the importance of having a home that was central to their kids (and, hopefully, future grandchildren). They had one grown child who was getting married soon and another who might be at some point. So, they wanted a home that would accommodate, even encourage, their kids to come and stay with them. ?Austin, being central to Texas, was the ideal location for all of them to meet. Plus, waterfront was available and is, besides being a great investment, attractive to the kids. This all culminated in a desire to build a custom home. So, we were commissioned to do just that.

One of the design elements that we recommended to them was the grandchildren sleeping quarters. Although they hadn’t given much thought to it, we told them about the different stages and, well, challenges of having young children while visiting Mom and Dad’s house. They were determined to make this a home that would be inviting to the whole extended family and encourage them to stay as long as possible. So, by designing the grandchildren sleeping quarters just down the hall from their parents, we were giving the parents a good night’s sleep. Let’s face it, if the parents sleep well and have a quiet place to rest even during the day, they will stay longer.

Front CourtyardAnother design element we felt was important for young children was the front courtyard, especially for this specific lot. The lot had sloping topography requiring a raised slab in back and the lake at the property line, neither of which were a great place for young children. The front courtyard is enclosed, making it a safe place to play and enjoy. Even the fountain is tall and wide enough to be kid-safe.

If you would like to see more photos of this beautiful custom home, click here.

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