Designs that Inspire – Luxury Master Bedrooms

Designs that Inspire – Luxury Master Bedrooms

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Mediterranean Luxury Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom, sometimes called the “Owners Retreat” is symbolic of the owners and their persona. Whether more private and plush or warm and welcoming, the Master Bedroom will often reflect the way the owners prefer to use the space and even sometimes, their stage in life.

This recent Star Award Finalist and Master Bedroom finds just the right balance between the Mediterranean style and modern technology.  The elegant sitting area, complete with exquisite ceiling details and large chandelier, boasts automatic curtains programmed to open in the morning and close at night automatically.  When they are closed, the room becomes completely dark, which is great for those summertime naps.  This spot sports one of the best views of Lake Travis in the home; so if napping is not your thing, then just take a moment to sit and enjoy the view.  The metallic plaster finish on the walls in the room provide an updated application to an old technique, giving the room an old-world feel with a touch of panache.

The private courtyard and garden, not pictured here, is accessible from the Master Bedroom.  It creates a place of quiet solace with its self-watering garden, integrated into a stone wall, and warmth in the winter with its wood-burning fireplace.

The Master Bedroom, and entire Master Suite, is one of the most private locations in the home, placed at the far end and away from the flow of traffic. The size of the room is just right, cozy enough for a bedroom but large enough to contain several chairs for seating.

Whether it is the adjoining private courtyard, complete with self-watering garden and wood-burning fireplace or the cut stone fireplace with flat panel TV above, every aspect of this room is appealing. It is no wonder this home, designed and built by Jenkins Custom Homes, won a “Best in Texas” award at the Texas Association of Builders’ Star Awards.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Chic Farmhouse BedroomsWith a completely different look and style, this modern farmhouse style Master Bedroom also won a Best in Texas Star Award. Just to show how very different styles can be, this bright and airy farmhouse style Master Bedroom is a different type of luxury. The oversized room easily fits a King Size bed and large bench alongside it. The large bench fits two twin beds placed end to end, beckoning grandchildren in for naptime and a movie. The shiplap backboard and open bookshelves give the room a bit of frivolity as well while the as the pine penny gap tongue and groove ceiling make the space more accessible. Just outside of this master bedroom is a fountain that overflows into the swimming pool, a lovely focus for the large windows looking outside. Clerestory windows provide privacy while filling the room with refreshing sunlight. Finished with cool, neutral tones and plush furnishings, this space is welcoming and friendly, while its proximity to the master closet and laundry facilities make it practical as well.


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