Designing A Home You Can Live In Forever

Designing A Home You Can Live In Forever

We take great pride in designing custom homes that our clients can live in comfortably and safely as they age. It’s your dream home after all, shouldn’t it be designed to last forever? Smart homeowners envision a home they can live in through midlife but aging can present mobility challenges that your home must be ready to accommodate. When we apply Universal Design principles to our custom homes, the result is a dwelling that’s accessible and adaptable to everyone, regardless of their handicap or ability levels.

Accessible and adaptable

So many of our homes are designed and built for multi-generational inhabitants. Living quarters for an aging relative are one of the most common requests we receive from new clients. Universal Design marries principles of accessible design (meeting standards for handicapped access, using adaptable design, meaning “normal”-looking design that can be revised later for disabled use) and ergonomic design (designing to allow people to interact most effectively and safely.) Universal Design is lifespan design.

Safety without stigma

Lifespan designs create spaces that can be used by everyone equally and that are appealing to all without stigmatizing any group of users — like those obvious wheelchair ramps tacked onto the fronts of older homes.


Are you a Leftie? Then you’re in luck.  Good Universal Designing accommodates a wide range of abilities and preferences. This means we consider both lefties and righties, and those who move at different paces.

This shower is wide and easily accessible with no lip and well located valves


Universal designing is thoughtful design

We can design a home for you that is simple and intuitive to inhabit with low physical effort, that is forgiving of user errors and appropriately designed for use at all mobility levels.

If you want to address accessibility and adaptability in your future home plans, we want to help. Our Lifespan Designs will alleviate stress and enhance your experience when challenges arise down the road. Let us help you plan your future, now.

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