The Concept Design – Minimal Investment. Maximum Value.

The Concept Design – Minimal Investment. Maximum Value.

Rough Hollow Kitchen Austin Architects

Is your dream home still just a collection of ideas spinning around in your head?  Ideas are where it all begins. Whether you are at the very beginning of trying to figure out your style and direction or you have already spent countless hours and late nights saving pictures to idea books on Pinterest, you don’t have to worry.  Whereas most Architects and Builders start asking for those things right away, our team works slowly and methodically into a customized, unique conceptual design for your home. The conceptual design gives you an unprecedented look at your home before you start building it, and allows us to ensure that the home we are planning to build for you is exactly the way you want it.

Lifestyle Analysis©

The interactive Lifestyle Analysis© interview kicks it off. The in-house Jenkins Design Team asks detailed questions, and then carefully listens to what you say, and how you say it—your physical reaction, tone of voice, and body language. Then, your answers are evaluated to determine the priority of each feature and its place in the home. We make sure you get what’s most important to you while staying true to the architecture and style of the home and your budget. Meet our in-house architectural team.

Our construction and engineering experts will analyze every aspect of your lot so that the concept we design will maximize views, account for topography and slope, maximize prevailing winds and apply LEED principals (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for maximizing energy efficiency through good design.

Our copyrighted Lifestyle Analysis© is the most complete solution for designing a home, and is the reason our 

clients tell us that their home is perfect, every time.

The Design Proposal

After the Lifestyle Analysis© interview, our team of experts meet to review each of your answers in detail. We typically schedule The Design Proposal approximately 30 days out from the Lifestyle Analysis©. We will present you with a floorplan and conceptual rendering. This gives you a clear idea of what your home will look like before you start spending money on full-scale plans. At the same time, we present your guaranteed cost breakdown (which we guarantee to be within 5% of the final cost). Our goal is to design the perfect home for your family and give you peace of mind that you can build the home you want within your chosen budget.

Moving Forward Into Design and Development

Once you love your design, our team moves into full-blown Design and Development, where the fun really begins. Because everything we design is in 3D technology, our architects can give you a digital virtual tour of the home that gives you a first-person look at the home, both inside and out, every time you meet with them.

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