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Design Proposal

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The catalyst for the design process is the Lifestyle Analysis© a very thorough, measured design questionnaire with our team. Unlike other architects and builders, the Jenkins approach brings the teams for architecture, interiors, and construction into the very first meeting.

The intention isn’t just to complete a checklist of your preferences. In order to exceed expectations from the very beginning, the process centers around truly understanding the way you live your life. The best custom design is more than aesthetics—it should reflect a deep connection and inform an emotional response. 

Our Chief Visionary, along with his architectural and interiors team, will create the sketches that bring your vision to life. The Lifestyle Analysis© examines all aspects of the lot itself, how you plan on actually living in your home, and, of course, your budget.

The shape and topography of the home site matters. Our designs are intended to maximize views, natural light, and prevailing winds. Energy efficiency is critical to great design, and we apply LEED principals (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to every home design. Equally important is the construction team’s input and knowledge on how the home sits on the lot and the engineering and structural considerations of the home. These components occur earlier in the design-build method of delivery, which work to intensify and perfect the design outcomes.


Feasibility Study

Unlike other Architects and Builders, the Guaranteed Cost Breakdown

After the Lifestyle Analysis© interview, the design & construction teams will review their conversation with you in detail. Together, they’ll develop a full color conceptual rendering of the layout of your home, aka “Character Study”. With the Character Study, you’ll get a clear idea of what your home will look like from the outset. At the same time, we’ll produce your detailed cost breakdown. This “proof of concept,” or feasibility study, gives you the peace of mind that you can build the home you want within your chosen budget. Both the character study and feasibility study give you an unprecedented look at your home up front. 

Unlike the industry standard, which can be off by up to 50%, the Jenkins guarantee maintains that we will be within +/- 5% on the original design cost estimate. 

We can do this because we’ve developed a proprietary job costing system that allows us to tell you what your home will cost—in a great amount of detail—even before you have full-scale plans. Whereas most builders will produce a budget of 10-20 line items, our comprehensive 600 line-item cost breakdown includes all the components and even the assumptions made about them. So if, for instance, a paver driveway is required by the architectural guidelines of the neighborhood, that line item is included with an explanation as such. 

We want you to be empowered with the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. This feasibility study eliminates frustration, miscommunication, and sets the tone for a much more enjoyable experience throughout the process.


Finalize Plans

While our Architect and Design team is developing the structural plans, electrical and roofing plans, flashing details, etc., you’ll be making your creative selections.

To guide you along the way, we have developed, an exceptionally detailed and user-friendly construction management system that allows you to be organized, stay on track, participate in the selections, change orders, and watch the design and construction of your home.

From allowances, to paint colors, to appliances, to the tools that make all of your decisions productive and efficient, everything is right at your fingertips. If you prefer more guidance, our Interior Design Team will walk you through what you need to do and when. For those who’d rather be liberated from decision-making, our Interior Design Team will do all the heavy lifting for you. No matter how much or how little you’d like to be part of it, our goal is to create a process that suits you just as much as your future home itself.

Visualizations are a critical component to our design process. State-of-the-art technology allows us to see, in full color, the interior and exterior architecture of the home. This makes it much easier to communicate the overall vision and see what different materials will look like in the spaces.

While you are focused on finalizing the architecture and interiors of your home, we’ll be busy preparing your Detailed Construction Documents and Permits. Another advantage of the design-build method of delivery, our team will secure the construction permits from local, city, and state agencies as required.

With over 600 line items of everything you could ever want to know about your future home—from the type and gauge of electrical wiring to the PSI of the concrete slab—you’ll be an informed homebuilder, homeowner, and seller if the time ever comes.

Next, the team moves seamlessly to the construction phase of the project.

“After we got our first set of plans, I understood it all. The Lifestyle Analysis process saved a lot of time…and we hardly changed anything from that first design.”

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