The Process


Understanding Design-Build

The design-build process is unique to the home building industry because it seeks to design the home to the budget of the project owner. In contrast to traditional design-bid-build, the owner is provided constant cost feedback even in the early stages of design. What this means for you is that choices about the design can be weighed against cost information (in addition to personal preferences). This provides you with more complete information for decision-making and ultimately saves time during design. It also provides a much smoother transition from design to construction. There are no surprises, and always knowing where you are in the budget and constantly collaborating with the architects and builders throughout makes the process much more enjoyable for everyone.

Initial MeetingHome Builder Initial Meeting

At the first meeting, we will learn about your objectives for the project, share information about our design build program, and address any questions or concerns specific to your project. Our objective in meeting with each client is that there is a designer and builder suited to each client and, while it isn’t always us, we want to assist everyone in reaching that right fit. We have an extensive referral network and will do our best to refer out the jobs which aren’t a good fit for us.


Courtyard Home Design FloorplanDESIGN – The Design Proposal

Designing your custom home starts with the right architecture team.  Many people don’t realize that Jenkins Custom Homes is one of only a handful of true design-build firms in Central Texas. At the second meeting, Shan and Bethany Jenkins, along with our team of designers, will walk you through our copyrighted design questionnaire and develop a Design Proposal specific to your lifestyle and your lot…(read more)


Home Builder Feasibility StudyDESIGN – Feasibility Study

As part of the Design Proposal, the Jenkins Team will create a 600+ line item, guaranteed (within +/- 5%) cost estimate, to ensure the project is feasible for your chosen budget. This is unique for a couple of reasons: Most home builders don’t have the technology to provide an accurate and detailed cost breakdown without a complete plans. The problem is, by the time you have a …(read more)


Design Consultation

DESIGN – Finalize the Plans

Once you have given us the nod to move forward, it’s your turn to start dreaming while we move into full scale design. Broken down into 3 phases, detailed plans, or blueprints, will be created, revised, and finalized during this phase of the process…(read more)


9-Break-groundBUILD – Break Ground

As we move to construction, it is seamless. You already have a thorough understanding of how the home will look and what will be in it.  Now, it is simply a matter of making a few final decisions and watching your construction team make it a reality…(read more)


Building a HomeBUILD – Building a Home

Building a custom home is easy when there are systems and procedures in place because miscommunication and guesswork can be avoided with proven systems…(read more)


Move InBUILD – Move In!

Once the trades have gone home and you are moved into your new home, we will still be your builder for the next 2 years, double the industry standard and state of Texas requirement….(read more)


"We have been extremely happy with every process of the construction of our home with Jenkins Custom Homes."

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