Covid-19: What You Need to Know

Covid-19: What You Need to Know

Covid-19 has impacted every community across the country, but how do the new coronavirus restrictions affect home building?

The Department of Homeland Security has deemed housing a part of our nation’s “essential critical infrastructure workforce”.

The local authorities have always had strict guidelines for builders to abide by. Today, in a world impacted by Covid-19, these rules have been tightened up to protect everyone on the construction site and clients.

At Jenkins Design+ Build, we didn’t wait for the government to give us the word. Even before the “shelter in place” ordinance from the Covid-19 outbreak, we made it our number one priority to take all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, from employees to subcontractors to clients.

We recognize our responsibility to the community, which means preventing further spread of COVID-19. We have rolled out intensive training sessions and adapted our policies to be in line with the current climate, ensuring that we’re keeping everyone safe.

The Steps We’re Taking

Walk-in Traffic Closed

The office is closed to walk-in traffic, but we are seeing clients by appointment.

Jobsite Safety

Our job sites are following the safety protocols. So far, no one has missed a paycheck, and we are doing our best to keep everyone gainfully employed. Only Travis, who has been called to active duty with the Reserves, is on furlough.

Virtual Meetings

We are conducting virtual meetings with new clients to discuss their projects. Since we typically use technology for analyzing the lot, the only thing that has changed is that we are speaking and seeing each other over a computer instead of in person. Everything else is the same.

Working From Home

Most of our team is working from home, but we have a skeleton crew to receive deliveries and answer phone calls.

Our Trade Partners

We are reaching out to our trade partners to make sure that they are okay, and training them on the help they can get to keep their businesses operational.

Perfect Time for Planning

It is actually a great time to meet with us to discuss your project because we have more time to devote to each client.
We also have some new options regarding our healthy home initiatives for you to consider.





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