Cantera Iron Doors

Based on many years of experience, we choose to partner with specific vendors. The brands we utilize are those that we believe in and know value standing behind their product just as much as we value standing behind ours. There are many entry door manufacturers, and even though it might seem difficult to distinguish the difference between various brands, our experience has led us to a handful of trusted companies that make beautiful products with great quality. Cantera Doors is one of the companies we are proud to parter with.

Cantera Iron Doors

Cantera Doors is the premiere manufacturer of hand-forged iron doors, gates and railings. They are industry leaders in innovation. They create unique works of art. Their 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility near Monterrey, Mexico utilizes the latest technology and premium materials for the insulation and finishing of their products. However, most of the actual door construction is done by hand using forges and artistry to create a finished product that is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Here are some of our favorites:

What a grand entry.

Cantera Iron Doors Foyer

Intricate railing, wrought iron wine door and custom inserts.

Cantera Iron Doors Wineroom

Gorgeous arch.

Cantera Iron Doors Arch

Such great detail.

Cantera Iron Doors Detail

Strong and sturdy.

Cantera Iron Doors Golden

What a statement.

Cantera Iron Doors Lerida


Cantera Iron Doors Wall

Absolutely stunning!

Cantera Iron Doors San Miguel

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