Thursday, May 9th | 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Designing & Building a Home in Flood Plain or Waterfront Property by Shan Jenkins

At this luxury homes seminar, several industry experts will talk about the importance of good design and construction for waterfront real estate and considerations when designing and building a home in flood plain, or flood zone, property.  Covered in this seminar:

  • Layout and capitalizing views
  • Engineering for excessive wind shears
  • Engineering for slope – the topography typical in waterfront property
  • Building in the flood plain – creative solutions
  • What are the regulations governing the flood zone?
  • Swimming pool considerations for the site

Building a home on waterfront in Austin often times requires building in the flood plain simply due to the height of the flood plain elevation, raised in recent years to even higher heights.  Waterfront real estate has proven to be not only an excellent investment but also a great recreational or second home property.  Add to that the attractive nature of Austin, Texas, with its many activities and beautiful weather, and one can see why waterfront property has become so rare and so sought after.  Don’t enter into this venture, however, without attending our seminar.  Without it, you may be caught off guard by the hidden costs, extensive permitting, and potential hazards involved.

Seminar length: Approximately 25 minutes

Understanding Whole-Home Backup Power by Brady Boyd, Generac

Have you ever gotten back from vacation to find everything in your refrigerator ruined after a power failure?  Well, never again with whole-home backup power.  Brady Boyd is flying in from Generac headquarters in Wisconsin to talk about whole-home backup systems and how to ensure your home has power even when the power companies don’t!  You won’t want to miss this informative seminar!

Seminar length: Approximately 15 minutes

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Seminars begin at 5:00pm and are taking place at our new under-construction offices at 3813 Juniper Trace.  Please call with questions: (512)461-7990.

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