Is your Home as Healthy as it Should Be?

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Building a healthy home

building a healthy homeA healthy home supports the well-being of the people living inside it in many different ways.

Together with local doctors, we have developed the Healthy Homes Standard©. The Healthy Home boasts near hospital-quality air, clean & toxin free water, specialty lighting, noise control, components for cleanliness, and other health-promoting attributes to bring the ultimate in healthy living to the family.

Good health is usually assumed until that first day a family member needs medical care. Recent clients pointed this out to us. After spending several years fighting cancer and winning, they told us that they weren’t willing to sacrifice their personal health for a beautiful appearance. The great news is that they don’t have to!

How is the Healthy Homes Standard© met?

  • Our scientific procedures for producing a healthy home during construction are followed meticulously.
  • Our team is careful to use toxin-free chemicals on surfaces that might retain and release those toxins on the family later.
  • Our methodical approach to good health during design checks off an exhaustive list of essentials, such as good lighting at all times of the day and night, even designing for the unexpected.
  • By using advanced technology to monitor and control the quality of the home’s systems, we ensure good health is always facilitated.

Learn more about the Healthy Home.

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