The Benefits of Building a Water Feature

The Benefits of Building a Water Feature

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the benefits of building a water feature modernOne of our favorite partners, Ben Mejia, owner of Sunshine Landscape Design, shares with us some of the benefits of building a water feature.

Have you ever though about adding a water feature? You might be thinking: What are the benefits of building a water feature? There are several key benefits that will help you decide to add a water feature to your landscape.

1. Relaxing atmosphere

You will come to find that one of the greatest benefits of building a water feature is the sound that it brings to your patio.  This sound creates a very relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

2. Low maintenance

Many people are hesitant to build a water feature because they think they all require a lot of maintenance. This is not the case with all water features; unlike swimming pools, they often require very little maintenance. So, don’t let the maintenance frighten you!

Water Feature

3. Wildlife

Water features can attract natural wildlife, or you can even add your very own wildlife to it. For example, you can add fish, turtles, etc.

4. Make a unique statement

Creating a water feature gives that special touch to any landscape; it’s like your very own signature. In other words, it makes your landscape very unique. This also means that you will not find the same atmosphere five houses down the road.

Hopefully these key points will encourage you think about building your next water feature, and if you need help you know who to call, your friends from SUNSHINE LANDSCAPE DESIGN. Visit or call 512-387-0750. Tell them Melanie from Jenkins Custom Homes sent you!

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