The Mix. Ordering the correct concrete mix is a critical ingredient to a perfect slab. Factors that must be considered include the soil content, the slope on the lot, the weather on the day of the pour, the home to be built on the lot, and much more. Knowing how to order the correct concrete mix comes with years of experience and many pours. Since Shan started his career in commercial construction, he has overseen over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete pours. Couple that with his Construction Science degree from Texas A&M, which included courses on concrete design, soil dynamics, material methods, structural design and analysis, and it ensures that we select the appropriate concrete for each project.

The Pump. A concrete pump ensures a uniform pour, adequate finishing time, fewer voids, and a uniform finish due to the speed of the application. It is Jenkins Custom Homes policy to employ a concrete pump, or two if required, on every project. It is simply foolish take a chance that concrete will get old waiting for the trucks ahead of it, when for a marginal additional cost, a concrete pump will ensure that the end result is a stronger slab and a smoother finish.

The Tape Measure. Have you ever seen a house under construction where the slab has been jack hammered in spots? This is caused by the lack of a tape measure, an inability to read plans, or both. When different subcontractors work on a slab, it’s common for miscommunication to occur and mistakes to be made. It’s our policy to personally measure all the forms, electrical and plumbing penetrations after all the subcontractors have left and just before we schedule the concrete for the pour. It’s such a simple concept, but surprising how few builders institute and enforce this policy. It’s this type of attention to detail that makes all the difference in the quality of a home.

"We have been extremely happy with every process of the construction of our home with Jenkins Custom Homes."

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