Bedrooms That Pop

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If your bedroom needs a pick-me-up, a splash of color should do the trick.  Here are some tips from leading interior designers on how to incorporate color properly into your bedroom.


Create a Restful Retreat

Bedrooms are a place for tranquility and rest.  Using soft blues and browns, interior designer Ann Wisniewski turned the above bedroom into a restful retreat and spa-like place.  While busy patterns invigorate a space, solid blocks of muted color set the tone for a tranquil space.

Don’t be Afraid of Color

Love color and don’t be afraid to use it!  This master bedroom, designer Allende makes a strong statement with exotic fabrics in vivid golds, blues and reds, but lightens up the look and keeps things balanced with white bedding and an airy canopy.

Try Black and White

A versatile color combination, black and white can be used to blend a traditional look with contemporary style. Try pairing black-and-white patterns — both classic and modern — with brightly colored accent pieces and artwork for a pop of color.

Red for Romance

A red bedroom can be dramatic and striking, but it can also be soft and inviting. When red walls are combined with plush, white bedding and sepia-toned artwork, this bedroom designed by Marie Burgos oozes with romance and passion.

Experiment with Patterns and Textures

If you want a bedroom that’s full of pattern and texture, choosing the right color palette can help you pull it off. In this space designed by Erinn Valencich, soft shades of yellow and gray along with serene blue walls lend a calming effect to a dynamic mix of stripes and florals.

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