Author: Britany Just

Best in American Living Awards

Best in American Living Awards

Jenkins is named among the Best in America by the National Association of Home Builders The National Association of Home Builders presented the Best in American Living (BALA) Awards, at the Havana Room, Tropicana, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Jenkins was named among the best architects and builders in America. The prestigious BALA Awards  are given  annually  to  recognize excellence…

What Does 3-D Printing Have To Do With Home Building? Everything!

In a recent article posted on the Architectural Digest website, author Ian Volner describes the impact the “3-D Printing Revolution” is having on the design and manufacturing worlds.  He writes, “For consumers it means that fully customized on-demand housewares, trinkets and accessories, jewelry, even clothing and furniture might one day be no further away than…

301 Bisset Court

Thursday night was the Opening Night Preview Party for the 2010 Parade of Homes™, and there was no mistaking the excitement in the air as the Jenkins Home – 301 Bisset Court – was revealed to the public for the first time. The well-dressed crowds loved the Tuscan home, which was designed using the exclusive Guide to Picture Perfect Projects™ and offers its owners both a personal get-away and stylish entertaining.

Creating the Perfect Wine Room at Home

“Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a novice, a custom-built wine room is the hot trend in custom home design, especially where luxury reigns. A good wine cellar creates an opportunity for great wine for a lifetime. It can also add value for purposes of resale of the home…All fine wine collections require the same basic care: climate, humidity, and light control systems to protect and preserve delicate vintages. Vapor-tight doors and easy access are also top priorities. Proper storage makes financial sense and allows wines to be purchased when they are released, at the time they are most available and lower in price.” So when planning your wine room, keep these three elements in mind: light, humidity and temperature of the room.