Bethany Jenkins


Bethany Jenkins serves as Vice President at Jenkins Custom Homes. She has an undergraduate degree in Business from Texas A&M University an Executive MBA from HBU in Houston.


colorsnap app

ColorSnap Visualizer App by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams has a fun application you can download to your iPhone that boasts the ability to match real-world colors with paint colors. “ColorSnap” is available to download from the App Store and has a number of cool features.

The Hottest New Home Trends

As times change, so do the trends. Our clients are becoming more focused on functional design, energy efficiency and incorporating the latest technology. Inclusive of these notions and a few more, here is a list of the hottest new home trends. 1. New Technology Ground-breaking technology, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, is becoming more and […]

Rough Hollow Community Featured in the Statesman

The Austin-American Statesman, or “Statesman” as the locals call it, featured an article about the Rough Hollow subdivision and Yacht Club on 08/01/2009.  It was a really nice article, and I’ve copied it below for those of you who may have missed it.  Local custom home builder, Jenkins Custom Homes, is an Approved Builder in […]

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Highlander Newspaper Features Jenkins Custom Homes

Jenkins Custom Homes was featured on page 2A of the Highlander News on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, in the following article, discussing the recent award-winning parade home built in Horseshoe Bay, located approximately 45 minutes West of Austin.  Although Jenkins started out as an Austin Home Builder, they have recently added the Horseshoe Bay area […]

The Refrigerator Dilemma

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective. For instance, very few people have adequate space in their fridge. Most have to do the refrigerator dance. You know the moves – the taller stuff on top, move the shorter stuff to the lower shelves, so on and so forth. Wouldn’t it be nice to […]

Hardscape in your Landscape

By Jason Allison, Landscape Designer Adding hardscape into a landscape is sometimes viewed as a contradiction of ideals. After all, landscapes are soft and organic while hardscapes are, well, hard and permanent, right? So, how can they work together? Well, beautifully. You see, when planned properly the hardscape can add great value to the landscape, […]

Great Architecture

Great architecture and inspiration can often be found in visionary Architects such as Eero Saarinen, who designed the Gateway Arch.

Making Design Selections When You’re Building

Whether you are planning to build a custom home one day or you’re in the middle of building one, it can be a daunting task just making the choices like stucco color or lighting fixtures.  We call these types of choices “selections“, and we have an entire workflow and automated system around working through all […]

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