Bethany Jenkins Quoted in Urban Home Magazine

In an article entitled Teeing Up Indoors which appeared in the June/July 2011 issue of Urban Home Magazine, author Sue-Ella Mueller highlights the Interactive Sports Technologies, Inc. product, “High Definition Golf” (HD Golf™).  She writes, “It may sound like a video game, but HD Golf™ is nothing like your kids’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour5 game. With a Linux operating system, sophisticated computer vision (smart cameras) for ball and club tracking and simulations of the top golf courses in the world, HD Golf™ combines the best of the best to produce a simulated indoor golf experience that will have you swearing you just finished playing Pebble Beach®.”

Jenkins says it isn’t always necessary to work with a room in your home. ”A garage enclosure would be ideal for a golf area and would probably be fairly easy to remodel,” she says.

Jenkins Custom Homes showcased the golf simulator in their 2010 Parade of Homes entry.  In that home, Jenkins built an indoor/outdoor media room specifically for the installation of the system.  Mueller quotes Jenkins Vice-President, Bethany Jenkins, as saying, “We had sliding glass doors that opened up to an outdoor living space with a view of an Austin hillside. Then when you turned back inside, you had breathtaking views of famous golf courses.  It was easily the favorite room of almost every man on the home tour.”  Mueller goes on to write that “Fortunately for the homeowner who was not a golfer, the space was also the perfect media room and since the HD Golf™ system doubles as a home theater system, families can adapt a larger, current media room for the simulator.”

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