Making Selections when You’re Building

DSC_3273editWhether you are planning to build a custom home one day or you’re in the middle of building one, it can be a daunting task just making the choices like stucco color or lighting fixtures.  I’ve been working alongside the team who makes the selections for our Show Homes and Spec Homes for over 8 years, and I’d like to offer some advice for those of you departing on this journey, just as I would a friend or family members.

First, I would advise you to use a Decorator or Interior Designer.  It seems like a simple task to go out and pick tile and plumbing, but it really isn’t.  Find someone who listens to you and someone you trust.

Next, I like to find artwork or a photo or something in nature to inspire the project.  Then, I leave it up to the talented professionals on our team to achieve the inspiration look in the home.  They always amaze me!  Sometimes it challenges them to move outside their comfort zone, but great things always result.

Finally, stay true to what you know you love.  Don’t let the plethora of choices get you off track.  After looking at so many things, it can be overwhelming.  You have to be deliberate in selecting what you love.  Having said that, however, you must trust the professionals!  Help them guide you toward a better choice.  Instead of saying, “I just don’t like it,” try saying, “It gets away from my original inspiration for the home.”  A great team will guide you toward an even better compromise that achieves the look you want without sacrificing what you love.

It is a really exhilarating feeling when you get to the end of a project and get to see it come together.  Feeling comfortable with your team and selecting what you really love will ensure you will always be happy with the end result.

-Bethany Jenkins

"We have been extremely happy with every process of the construction of our home with Jenkins Custom Homes."

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