Andersen Windows VERILOCK System

Andersen Windows LectureShan and I visited the Andersen Window plant in Bayport, Minnesota.  We learned a LOT about windows, including details about the Andersen VERILOCK system. Whereas the traditional approach to window security involves drilling into the frame to install some sort of device, the Andersen windows come already prepared to integrate with most home automation systems.  This is important because if you drill a hole into a beautiful wood window, you can create some real problems, such as drilling into the wrong place and ruining it.  Even if the window isn’t ruined, the warranty on the window is immediately invalidated.  That means that should anything go wrong, the cost of replacement falls completely on you, the homeowner.

The reason window manufacturers place such restrictions around having framers and security technicians drill holes in their precision windows is due to the problems putting a hole in a window can cause – not just to the window but to the entire home!  For instance, one hole drilled into a window could cause the water to drain right into the building envelope causing major problems, such as mold.  Windows, especially Andersen windows, are engineered very precisely to channel water a certain way and drain a certain way.  You can see, then, how drilling a hole can change all of that, causing the flow of water the change.

andersen windows verilock systemSo, if you aren’t going to drill a hole into the window, how do you send a signal to a security system?  Well, wireless of course!  Thus was born the VERILOCK system.  We were honored to have one of the minds behind this great technology at our last Luxury Home Show, Sachin Gore.  Although the system is fairly new on the market, already the opportunities for technological advancement are vast!  For instance, using this technology, you could:

1.  Have a smart phone notify you if a window is unlocked.  (No more sleepless nights for mothers of teenagers!)

2.  Have the smart phone lock the window.

3.  Design a system of opening certain windows at a certain times during the day to allow fresh air into the home.

The Verilock system itself doesn’t contain the technology to program the windows, but it does have a cross-platform technology that will work with most home automation systems.  So, it is extremely flexible in this regard.  The technology is really only limited to the imagination of its programmers.  Can you think of a unique use for this technology in a home or office building?  How would you use it?
Stay tuned for other great Andersen Windows products…this company is heavy on innovation, one of the main reasons we really like them!

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