Accent Wall Ideas – 4 Tips to Make Them Work for You

Accent Wall Ideas – 4 Tips to Make Them Work for You

Accent walls are a great way to create color flow throughout your home.

You can use small doses of bolder colors in accent walls to highlight prized art pieces or add definition to a living space.

Accent Wall Ideas

Here are 4 great tips to make accent wall ideas work for you:

1. Make a Bold Statement

Bold, colorful shades are good accent wall colors because they highlight the space without overpowering it. For example, if perhaps you’re using bright colors in your decorative accessories throughout your space, they can sometimes seem far too bold for an entire room. So why not choose one of those colors to create an accent wall for a bigger impact in a smaller footprint?

(TIP: Accent walls can also reduce the stress of decorating a child’s bedroom. You could ask your child to choose a color for one wall and then choose a neutral color that you can live with for the other walls. Use decorative accessories and bedding to pick up the accent color to tie the look together.)

2. Create a Subtle Contrast

If you prefer a more gentle contrast, try using a deeper version of your existing wall color on one specific wall. This can add dimension to the room and interest without overpowering it. The eye doesn’t register a color in the same color palette as a different color at all, leading to a more pleasing experience.

3. Surface Schemes

Painted drywall isn’t your only choice if you want to make a style statement. Wood, concrete and brick can really help accentuate your chosen area with color and texture. In fact, there are many finishes that can really jazz up a smaller space.

Accent Wall Ideas

This accent ceiling was a feature of one of our custom homes. We used artisanal plaster techniques to simulate masonry and stucco. The rustic beam lends a classic look while the custom, LED lit glass shelving adds a modern touch to the room. The effect is accents within accents. In this case the best accent wall wasn’t a wall at all, it was the ceiling.

4. Choose Wisely

Don’t ignore the architecture of your home when you decide which walls to accent. Which walls deserve to be accented? The ones that are interesting are always the best places to start. Try not to compete with other walls but rather keep one specific area as the main event. Doing too much can actually detract from the overall look of the space.

Take a look at the Great Spaces portfolio to see more great examples of how you can dream up your own accent wall ideas.

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