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A recent issue of Dolce Vita magazine features the “Austin Dream Home” in an editorial discussing the epitome of luxury living. In an article entitled “Building Perfection”, the editor sits down with Shan Jenkins, President of Jenkins Design Build, to ask a series of questions about the framework that has led to his success.

“I feel that Building Systemization has been a critical component,” he says. “Without it, we could never have had the success we’ve had. Everything from the time our Architects draw the first wall on the plans to how our Interior Designers help the client select the granite to when we’re installing the windows, there’s a specific and detailed process that we follow. It takes not only knowing our own jobs but also how each other’s jobs must be executed in order to get it right. So our whole team has developed these procedures to ensure a smooth design-build experience.”

“As a leader in home design, this design-build firm creates remarkable dream homes from start to finish,” states Stephanie D’Angelo of Dolce Vita. “Unique and majestic, each home bursts with enchanting character and unparalleled design,” she says. “And what’s more, a Jenkins Home always reflects the personality of the family who lives inside.” She discusses with Jenkins the systems he established to create such beautiful homes.

“What is it that makes Jenkins a front-runner in custom home design and construction?”, she asks. “I think it has to be our Building Systems,” he says. “When we first started out, we thought designing and building a home was all pretty straightforward. However, as we’ve continued to improve each step in the process, we’ve realized how getting it right is never that simple. You can certainly be “adequate” without procedures, but you can never be exceptional. We even have a procedure for picking out tile. We found that our clients were getting overwhelmed with that process and feeling pressured to make decisions. So we completely revamped that system. Now we get calls from clients telling us that their wives are thrilled with the tile selections and that they appreciate the ease with which it all took place.”

“Without systems, we just wouldn’t get those calls. Just as important as having a 3-step stucco process, we need systems for everything we do. With the building systems we use for construction, they prevent water penetration, bring longevity to the home, and create beauty that the owners will enjoy every day.  With the architecture and interior design, it’s similar. However, that process is a little more artistic and right-brain. So having systems on that side of the business has the added benefit of providing confidence that knowing the home is going to be all it can be. It provides the imagery so important to confirm that we are getting it right and that the client already loves it, even long before we break ground. A lot of industry experts told us that making selections before breaking ground and many of the other things that we do were going to be impossible to achieve. We just didn’t accept that, and now those things are not only possible but they’re the reason we’ve won all those awards and have clients coming back to build their next home with us.”

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"We have been extremely happy with every step of the process of the design and construction of our home with Jenkins."

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