A Passion For Building

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As a custom home builder for over two and a half decades, I have seen a lot of home designs come to life.  In that time, I have developed a philosophy about home design and building homes.  My design philosophy is similar to that of Eero Saarinen, who designed the famous “Gateway Arch” in St. Louis. While my architectural prowess is light years behind that of Eero Saarinen, I share his philosophy that I am more about finding and solving our client’s issues than being a slave to the classic textbook rules of architecture. I want to answer the needs of my clients with unique and customized ideas. I also believe that my clients are my co-creators. Between their lifestyle, their land or lot, and their vision, the greatest shapes can emerge, and most importantly, they are the shapes that the ‘creators’ best relate to and thrive in…not what someone told them had to be.

Passion for Building Homes

I approach construction the same way; with the mindset that it has to be built as close to perfect as is possible in order to ensure that my co-creators thrive in their new environment. Each home must be more than beautiful…it must suit each client uniquely in addition to being beautiful and built with precision and in a healthy manner.

I also know that no one will be happy in a home that’s well built behind the walls, but doesn’t show the same precision in the finish-out. For this reason I limit the number of houses I will build at one time—so I can be very involved at every phase of construction. I hold our trade partners and craftsmen to a very high standard, and they know that. They know if it doesn’t look right, even if it’s level and plumb, it’s not good enough for a Jenkins Home.

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There are really two kinds of Builders. There are those who build for a living and those who love to build. I think if I were looking for a Builder today, I’d look for the individual who honestly has a passion for building a beautiful home. What comes with that passion is the desire to continuously learn and improve. Those are the qualities that take a builder from good to great. Well, that and a few years of experience to go with it.

I wish I could be everyone’s builder, but that is not always possible.  My sincere hope is that everyone who builds a home has a good experience and finishes the process with the home of their dreams!  I know my goal each and every day is to provide this for my clients.

– Shan Jenkins


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"I couldn’t imagine having built the house with anyone else. At times it really felt like we were just having a friend build our house. In fact, I was actually enjoying the building process so much, part of me is sorry to see it end."

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