A Really Cool Golf Experience

Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator

One of the really cool items we saw at the International Builder’s Show was this digital golf simulator by Full Swing Golf.  As you can imagine, their booth was widely attended by all.  “What is it?”, you say. It is a golf simulator that allows you to play Pebble Beach or any of over 50 of the world’s best courses right in your own home theater room.

The screen works beautifully for all your home theater movies as well as most gaming systems; so, you don’t have to have a separate screen for viewing movies.  When you take your shot, the ball hits the screen and takes off into the scene.  The company claims that accuracy was their primary concern when designing it and that the experience is just like being on the course.  Our team gave it a try and said that it does have the same look and feel as being there.  Most everyone who tried it said that it was a lot of fun.

It is also customizable, in case you don’t find a course you like; and you can even play online tournaments with other system owners.  Although a little pricey, this new technology is sure to be sought after by every avid golfer on the planet.

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