5 Elements of a Modern Luxury Home

5 Elements of a Modern Luxury Home

If there’s one thing everybody wants these days, it’s to live in style, luxury, and elegance. There are hundreds of celebrities and influencers flaunting their homes on social media and home design journals. This has led to a high demand among homeowners, designers, real estate investors, and retired individuals for sophisticated, comfortable, and luxurious homes.

It has also increased the need for custom home builders austin to know and understand various modern luxury home components to meet customer requirements more effectively. There are several things a modern luxury home is defined by.

People looking to build a custom home usually leverage this opportunity to express their style and aesthetic sense. However, many others prefer sticking to popular modern luxury home components, especially when they want a home with increased value, convenience, and elegance.

While your residential architects austin can help you determine the best modern luxury home components for your residential construction projects, here are a few elements you should always keep in mind.

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A Spacious Floor Plan

Luxury is always about breathability and extravagance. When you implement it in a residential home design, it becomes crucial to focus on building a spacious home with multiple other modern luxury home components to make the entire home design come together. In other words, a spacious floor plan is the first thing to have when designing or building a custom home in austin.

This doesn’t necessarily mean building a home on acres of land. Even if you’re working on a small piece of land, choosing minimal aesthetics and working with a neutral color palette will help you design more expansive rooms.

The key is to always keep the basics of modern luxury homes in mind and work with custom homes builders near me who can take a closer look at your floor plans and determine all the right ways to make spots like the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom more open for home occupants.

The extra space will provide you with the flexibility of incorporating all the other components of a modern luxury home design without giving the house a cluttered or unorganized look.

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Extensive Security Features

One thing that makes a home luxurious and high-end is the number of security features installed throughout the property. A luxury home is a valuable possession that should be protected against the risk of theft, intrusion, and burglary at all times, especially when building it in an area with high crime rates.

Therefore, a modern luxury home component to always be mindful of is the addition of extensive security features. From choosing high-quality automatic garage doors and installing CCTV cameras inside and outside the property to having a reliable alarm system in place, a comprehensive security plan should always be considered an essential modern luxury home component.

This will not only protect the property and homeowners living inside it but will also benefit sellers by increasing its overall resale value if they plan to list the property for sale in the next few years.

A Breathtaking View from the Property

If you’ve watched real estate shows like Selling Sunset, you might have noticed that one common factor in all the listed luxury homes was a breathtaking view. Whether you look at the houses shown in LA, the ocean and mountain views made those houses worth the high asking price.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that a stunning view is undoubtedly a critical modern luxury home component. When you’re working with a custom home builder to design a luxury home, make sure you keep this prerequisite in mind. It’ll ultimately allow you to find the most strategic location to build a luxury home.

Whatever the location, develop a home design plan that provides residents with an exceptional view from various parts of the house.

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Multiple Amenities Within the House

As discussed above, several things define a luxury home. However, a well-built home isn’t luxurious enough until it has all the amenities that make the property stand out from others. From an indoor pool to a home gym, sauna room, game room, and home theater, there are multiple amenities you can incorporate within a home design to make it more innovative and sophisticated.

These amenities are an extremely important modern luxury home component that allows homeowners to lead a high-end lifestyle, access multiple luxuries at home, and provide their guests with a vacation-like experience whenever they’re hosting someone.

You don’t necessarily need to have all the amenities discussed above. Choosing one or two that fit your needs the best will allow you to design the perfect luxury home for you and your loved ones, especially with the right residential architects to support you during the planning and designing process.

A Spacious and Minimalistic Home Plan

Modern homes are often defined by minimalism, regardless of how luxurious they are. It’s because we’re living in an eco-conscious era where sustainable homes count as a highly-demanded modern luxury home component.

Therefore, designing a spacious and minimal home with a sleek design will always make a home luxurious and stylish without extensive carbon emissions, reducing the builder and homeowner’s environmental impact. Having the right custom home builders to meet this goal is crucial in the process of building such homes.

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To learn more about the perfect modern luxury home design components for your residential construction projects, make sure you connect with our custom home builders at Jenkins Design Build. As a group of some of the best home builders austin, TX, we’re committed to providing our clients with the luxury and elegance they’re looking for. We can always partner with you to build a custom home to represent your style, personality, and aesthetics while keeping all the components of a modern luxury home design in mind. Click here to contact us today!

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