4 Questions You Should Ask Your Builder

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Builder

What is the builder looking for in a client relationship?

It is important to set the expectations for the structure of the relationship between builder and client early on. This helps keep communication clear and consistent right from the start. Here at Jenkins, we strive for open and honest communication between ourselves and our clients. This relationship helps our team create a wonderful, memorable experience to share with family and friends throughout the building process. We want to make families and friends excited about the process, knowing that the home is the important part of that relationship.

Who will be my point of contact for any questions I might have?

When building a home, communication can become cluttered as more and more vendors come into the picture. Setting a specific point of contact with your builder is vital. This sets an expectation of responsibility as your builder is aware of who is responsible for keeping you, the client, in the loop. At Jenkins, our team is always there for you to answer any questions. We have a very robust online project portal that allows everyone, design team and construction team, to see your inquiry and help with finding the correct solution. You will also be assigned a project manager and superintendent, whose job is to post daily updates to the project portal. So whether you desire a daily report, or a monthly check in, all you have to do is log on to your project portal for any and all of your updates.

How often do I have access to the home during the building process?

Some builders say that you only have access to your home at very specific times. But it is your home, you want to be able to go to your site when you want. Whether to check on the process, or just to sit and imagine yourself in that home one day, you should have access to your home during the building process. At Jenkins, you can be on site as long as you wear protective attire for the worksite and you have checked in with the superintendent to make sure there are no construction hazards in the middle of the build. We also provide daily pictures to post on your project portal to see the work that is being performed and workers that have been on site.

How do you handle complications?

Building a home is a long process. Especially in today’s market, it is unrealistic to believe there will be zero complications. How your builder handles those inevitable complications is what makes the difference. At Jenkins, communication is the key. We know its importance, we practice this daily with our streamlined communication process between our in-house architects, interior design team, and construction team. The collaboration we show internally leads to the same engagement with architect and interior design teams that homeowners bring us to work with. Our owner, Shan, says constantly to our team that “Clarity is Kindness.”

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